How to Remove Yahoo Toolbars

People choose to remove Yahoo toolbars in an effort to reduce the number of toolbars on a computer screen. This toolbar is designed to allow the user to access a variety of features from the browser, such as bookmarks, a search engine, recent searches and Yahoo features. However, it does shrink the size of your browser screen, and you might decide later on that you prefer a toolbar from another provider. Removing the toolbar is pretty simple, and the result is one less space-taking toolbar to clutter up your browser.

Mozilla Firefox
To remove the Yahoo toolbar when you are using Mozilla Firefox, you should use the Extension Manager. Simply select the "Tools" option in the browser, and then select the "Add-ons" menu. This window will give you the choice to scroll and select options; select the Yahoo toolbar extension. Then select "Uninstall" and "OK" to remove the Yahoo toolbar. You'll need to restart Mozilla Firefox for the actions to take effect.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer also allows you to remove the Yahoo toolbar with a few simple steps. First, within Windows, select the "Start" button, and then select "Control Panel." Select the "Add/Remove Programs," and then click on the Yahoo Toolbar entry. Select "Change/Remove," and the toolbar will be uninstalled. You may need to restart Internet Explorer for it to take effect.

Hide Yahoo Toolbar
For those computer users that want to keep the Yahoo toolbar but don't necessarily want to see it all the time, there is an option to close it temporarily. Simply select the "View" tab on your browser's upper menu bar, and then select "Toolbars." Locate "Yahoo Toolbar," and the toolbar will be hidden. You can also right-click on the toolbar in Internet Explorer 7 to bring up this menu. To restore the toolbar to view, repeat the steps, and select "Yahoo Toolbar" again to toggle it on. A checkmark will indicate whether it is in view or not.

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