How do I Uninstall Limewire

Users often wonder "how do I uninstall Limewire?" when they realize the program comes with more than they bargained for. Limewire is "free" file-sharing software that allows its users to download and share music and videos. Although it doesn't cost anything, Limewire is downloaded with spyware, and you might not notice at first. That means the software is tracking your online habits and is using that information to target advertisements to you. It can also slow down and even corrupt your computer.

It's not difficult difficult to remove, but if you want to do a clean uninstall (meaning that you eliminate all traces of the program), you may have to do more work than you would to remove other programs from your computer.

Your first step to uninstall Limewire is to go to the Start button on your computer, then open up your Control Panel. You'll click Add or Remove Programs, and then find Limewire on the list of current programs. Click Remove and follow the prompts your computer gives until you have successfully removed Limewire from your computer. Once that is complete, shut off and restart your computer.

If you're trying to remove an older version of Limewire, it may not show up when you click Add or Remove Programs. To find and remove these versions of Limewire, again go to the Start menu. This time select Search and type LimeWire. Once your computer has finished pulling up all files with LimeWire in them, you can right-click and delete them.

You may not be done quite yet. If Limewire is not completely removed from your computer, you'll have to delete the Limewire folder. Keep in mind that this will delete everything-including song downloads-from  your computer. To do this, open up LimeWire from wherever you have it saved, and click Uninstall LimeWire. Again, follow the prompts until you have successfully removed LimeWire from your system.

Uninstalling LimeWire won't necessarily get rid of the spyware. You can use a spyware remover, or you can simply go back to the Add or Remove Programs list in the Control Panel and remove LimeShop (the spyware).

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