Cool Windows Vista Gadgets

Windows Vista gadgets enable you to do a lot of cool things from your desktop. These tiny Windows Vista programs run from the Windows Vista Sidebar and bring tons of information from the Web to your desktop, including news, social networking, shopping and weather.

Windows Vista Sidebar
The Windows Vista Sidebar is one of the coolest features about upgrading to the Vista operating system. You can run a ton of gadgets in the Sidebar that let you do everything from displaying a photo slideshow to managing your social networking, directly from your Sidebar. To get new gadgets, visit Windows Vista downloads at There are more than 3,000 gadgets to download, putting news, weather, planning and entertainment right on your desktop.

Social Networking
Windows Vista Gadgets can help you manage your social networking sites directly from your Sidebar, so you won't need to browse Web sites. Facebook has 13 apps to manage different aspects of your account, while Twitter has 10 gadgets and MySpace has four. As long as you've got an active Internet connection, you can post, edit and keep tabs on what your friends are doing without keeping browser windows open. 

Shopping Gadgets
Like to shop online? Windows Vista gadgets enable you to track your favorite shopping Web sites, search for products and make purchase with a few clicks. You'll find multiple eBay trackers for the Windows Vista sidebar, making it easy to stay on top of your auctions and update your bid on down-to-the-wire auctions. You can also browse Amazon directly from your sidebar using a handy gadget, or even search other popular shopping websites, such as

Monitor Performance
Techno-geeks love the ability to download performance monitors and keep track of system performance directly from the Sidebar. You can get performance monitoring gadgets that track your monitor, CPU, RAM, Internet speed, bandwidth and Web download speed. You can also get trackers to monitor wireless networks, including gadgets that show you networks in the immediate vicinity and test the speed and security of these networks.

Desktop Web Searches
Don't want to wait for an Internet browser to load every time you need to search the Web? You can download Web search gadgets for your Vista Sidebar to enable you to surf the Web without waiting for your browser to load. Once you find the information you need, you can simply click on the link and load the page in your browser. This gadget provides all the convenience of a search toolbar without cluttering up your desktop with more inefficient programs.

Watch the Weather
Not sure whether you'll need an umbrella or a heavy coat when you leave the house? Don't get caught without the appropriate gear; download a weather gadget. WeatherBug makes a popular weather gadget, with over 23 million downloads, but you can also choose from tons of other sources and displays if you don't like the WeatherBug format.

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