How to Extract RAR Files

To extract RAR files, you'll need to know a little bit about how they work. RAR files take the ZIP file technology a step further, compressing files into tiny bits that can later be restored to their original size, which makes them easy to distribute to others. In fact, RAR files pack in more data than ZIP files. However, RAR files are worthless before they're extracted. So, how do you actually extract one?

Extracting RAR Files For Windows XP
If you use the Windows XP operating system, a few surefire winners are available for you. A popular RAR extraction program is WinRAR, which is available with a free trial. WinRAR uses remarkably basic technology to extract your scrunched RAR files. After downloading the program to your desktop, simply install the program, and prepare to get cracking. Follow the prompts to insert a RAR file, and then initiate the transfer process.

Should you wish to extract many RAR files at once, consider 7-Zip, which is completely free. 7-Zip is just as effective as WinRAR and employs methods similar to those used in decompressing Zip file programs. However, WinRAR might have features you prefer, so try out both programs before making the call.

Extracting RAR Files For MAC OS X
If you are a Mac user, you can still access the data inside RAR files. Several RAR file extracting programs are compatible with the MAC OS X operating system. The best option is Zipeg, which can be downloaded for free. Zipeg uses the same methods as expensive RAR extracting programs but is more straightforward and equally efficient. If Zipeg doesn't work for you or you don't like its features, consider RAR Expander, another free extracting program that uses similar technology.

Before RAR files are extracted, they can't be used. Luckily, you can find and download a program that can unzip RAR files in a matter of minutes.

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Learning how to open a RAR file extension is as easy as learning how to unzip a file. Since a RAR file is compressed, you'll need to decompress the RAR file before reaching the files inside.

To figure out how to play RAR files, you should realize that the RAR file is not a video file but a compression format, and you'll need to decompress the file to access the video inside.

What is a RAR file? This kind of file can squeeze even more data into a small space than a ZIP file. All you need is an extraction program to access the file's contents.

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