What Is a RAR File

Have you ever wondered, what is a RAR file? Similar to a ZIP file in its compressed characteristics, the fundamental logic and definition of RAR files remains mysterious to many. RAR is an acronym for "Roshal Archive," and it represents a format with impressive compression capabilities. Before using and creating RAR files ourselves, it is important to know what they actually are.

Compressed Archives
Similar to ZIP files, RAR files are compressed archives, which means that they are archives of files that have been reduced drastically in size, allowing for easy downloading, e-mailing and general transfer. In terms of the amount of compression used by the RAR format, it exceeds the capability of ZIP format files. A drawback of this extra compression is that it can take quite a while to unzip RAR files with decompressing programs.

Benefits Of RAR Files
The RAR format allows for massive compression of large files. Additionally, RAR files are restored entirely to their original size after extraction. Other notable benefits of RAR files include an archiving system that allows you to create libraries of data, and a built-in redundancy that enables eventual repair of damaged files. RAR files have an advanced encryption profile, ensuring greater privacy and safety during the e-mailing and downloading process.

Using RAR Files
RAR files can be opened and created only with the help of software. While many universal file formats can be downloaded and created without additional programs, RAR files' unique characteristics require specific technological processes. WinRAR for Windows XP and Zipeg for MAC OS X are a pair of programs that can facilitate the use and creation of RAR files.

Understanding RAR Files
RAR files offer unprecedented potential for compression of massive files. While programs exist to create and open these files for you, it is invaluable to understand what they actually are so you can get the most out of them.

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To extract RAR files, you will need to download a program that can decompress the quantities of data packed inside each file.

Learning how to open a RAR file extension is as easy as learning how to unzip a file. Since a RAR file is compressed, you'll need to decompress the RAR file before reaching the files inside.

To figure out how to play RAR files, you should realize that the RAR file is not a video file but a compression format, and you'll need to decompress the file to access the video inside.

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