How to Open WPS Files

If you need to open WPS files, don't worry, you don't need a special WPS opener program. You should be able to open WPS files in nearly any version of Microsoft Word. Let's take a look at where WPS files are and how to open them.

WPS Files And Microsoft Works
The WPS file extension is a kind of text document not unlike Microsoft Word documents. In fact, WPS files come from another Microsoft product called Microsoft Works. Works is like a stripped-down version of Word. It usually comes free with most versions of Windows. It doesn't have as many features as Word, so most users just opt for buying Word. When you save a text document in Works, it defaults to WPS format.

Opening A WPS File
So, let's say that someone e-mails you a document saved as a WPS file. If you have Works, you should have no problem opening it there. If you don't have Works but have Word, you shouldn't have a problem opening it either. If you don't have these programs, you can try opening the file in either WordPad or Notepad. The text may display funny characters, but all the writing should be included. The funny characters are just spaces and line breaks that don't translate from one program to another. If all else fails, you can try an online file-conversion program like to convert the WPS file into a format that your word processing program can read.

It's important to note that Word files are not compatible in Works. This means if you have a Word document, you will not be able to open it using Microsoft Works. Your best bet if you're working with the two different word processors is to save your files in a format that is compatible to both. Rich Text Format, with the extension RTF, is a universal format that can be opened by nearly all word processors, including ones run on Mac operating systems.

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To convert WPS files, you can open up the WPS file in Microsoft Word and save it in either Word format or Rich Text Format.

If you come across a WPS file extension, keep in mind that the extension stands for a certain type of word processing document, and you can usually open it with Microsoft Word.

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Find articles about open wps file, wps file extension and convert wps files.

Find articles about open wps file, wps file extension and convert wps files.

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