How to ZIP a File

Knowing how to ZIP a file is of critical importance to any computer user who works with large projects, documents or media. ZIP files hold folders and projects in a compressed form. As compressed ZIP files, large documents or media can be stored or transferred without taking up excessive hard drive space, and easily sent via e-mail. But how does one actually ZIP a file?

How To ZIP A File Using Windows XP And Vista
Windows XP and Vista have made it easy to ZIP a file. If using either system, first select the folder containing the document you wish to compress. Right-click on the folder, and select Send To in the menu which drops down. The first choice available in the new menu that opens will be Compressed (zipped) Folder. Click on it. In a few seconds, the new ZIP folder should appear. It will contain a .zip extension. Inside the folder will be your compressed file in ZIP format. Congratulations! You have created a ZIP file. Repeat the process for additional files.

How To ZIP A File Using Mac OS X
Creating a ZIP file using the Mac OS X operating system on a Mac computer is also simple. To do so, first locate the file you wish to compress into a ZIP file. Holding down the Control button, click on the file. In the menu that appears, click Create Archive. After clicking, your ZIP file will be created. To compress multiple files, hold down Shift, and click on all files you wish to ZIP. Click on the Action menu from the toolbar, which looks like a gear. Select Create Archive, and the multiple files will be transformed into ZIP files.

A Word About ZIP Drives
Occasionally, storing a large number of ZIP files on a transferrable medium becomes necessary. Enter ZIP disk drives, which are attachable devices in which a small disk can be inserted. The disk can hold an enormous amount of data, and backing up files onto the disk will allow one to transport a glut of ZIP files easily. ZIP drives are reasonably affordable, and they are a good idea for anyone who uses multiple computers in different locations.

The Importance Of Knowing How To ZIP A File
ZIP files are invaluable tools for computer users who work with large files. Luckily, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X have made it extraordinarily simple to create them. Because of these operating systems' built-in ZIP-file-creating potential, many older ZIP programs have been rendered obsolete. Once armed with the knowledge of how to create a ZIP file, you'll be free to send and receive big files.

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Find articles about open zip files, how to zip a file and file compression.

Find articles about open zip files, how to zip a file and file compression.

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