How to Stop Anonymous Calls with the Use of Gadgets and Devices

The telephone is one of the most useful time-saving devices ever created, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Wrong numbers, prank calls, angry exes and telemarketers can all make you wish you didn't have a phone. One excellent solution is to stop anonymous calls with the use of gadgets and devices.

Answering machines

The most common way that people deal with anonymous and unwanted calls is with the use of answering machines and voice mail. This is not the best choice because often you will miss calls you actually care about. Still, if you want the most basic device to screen anonymous calls, an answering machine is a reasonable possibility, just not the best.

Call blockers

For a more automated option of stopping people from calling you, there are call blockers. These devices will require a fair amount of effort as you need to program phone numbers you want to either block or receive, you have to give people a code to allow their calls to go through. These settings mean that you will either need to allow calls you don't want to get through or risk missing calls you would like to receive.

Dead line tone

While both of these are useful, dead line tones produce sounds that cause automated dialing systems to hang up. Further, since this simple and inexpensive gadget causes automated systems to hang up, they may remove you from their call lists in the process. This won't stop people from calling, but since most telemarketers use automatic dialers, this can go a long way towards reducing anonymous calls.

None of these devices are perfect for stopping anonymous calls, but each of them can help you get rid of unwanted calls, and it is even possible to combine them into a streamlined system for extra call protection.

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