History Of The BlackBerry

The history of the BlackBerry reveals a device that originated as a pager, not as a phone or PDA. However, BlackBerry technology has evolved in a manner that has made it a leading player in the smartphone field, and a desirable choice for corporate enterprise users.

The precursor to today's BlackBerry was a pager.
Research in Motion is the company behind the BlackBerry. In 1998, RIM released a two-way pager using radio technology. RIM had been responsible for several radio technology devices, including point-of-sale technology and wireless radio modems. The two-way messaging pager represented a breakthrough in wireless technology and formed the basis for future BlackBerry expansion. The first two-way pager developed by RIM was the 850.

BlackBerry moves from pager to PDA style and functionality.
After its debut pager, RIM began working on developing a more PDA-style handheld device. The 857 included a display twice the size of the pager model and added rechargeable batteries. More memory and the ability to sync with e-mails rounded out the upgrades in the 857 model.

History of the Blackberry RIM 950. 
The RIM 950 was the introduction of an e-mail-capable BlackBerry model. The RIM 950 was the wireless device that really transformed BlackBerry from a two-way pager to something resembling the modern BlackBerry. It had some basic PDA functionality, as well as the ability to connect wirelessly to transmit data.

The 5810 further resembles the modern BlackBerry.
With the 5810, Research in Motion integrated further PDA functionality, upgraded memory and generally expanded their offering. By the time the 5810 came out, the BlackBerry began to resemble today's BlackBerry models. The biggest change with the 5810 was the full integration of a wireless handheld device, including phone functionality. However, it still lacked many of the features and functionality of today's BlackBerry.

The 6200 series undergoes cosmetic changes.
BlackBerry's 6200 series underwent some cosmetic changes. The 6200 models feature more rounded corners and a more user-friendly handheld with much of the same functionality of the 5810. It included minor specification upgrades, but the big changes were the cosmetic ones.

The 6510 features a digital walkie-talkie.
The 6510 made the BlackBerry competitive with some other cell phone providers who offered digital walkie-talkie features. Nextel's push-to-talk functionality prompted a response from BlackBerry, who integrated this functionality into the 6510 and 7510 models.

BlackBerry 7100 series features a color screen and a deviation from BlackBerry design.
BlackBerry designs are traditionally wide with the full QWERTY keyboard. However, BlackBerry wanted to compete with thinner models, so it developed the SureType keypad, which combined several letters on a single number, like traditional phone keypads. The 7100 series also had a color screen and gave BlackBerry access to a market that traditionally preferred other phone styles.

The 7200 series signals the arrival of the modern BlackBerry.
With the release of the 7200 series, BlackBerries finally resemble what most users recognize as the modern BlackBerry. With a full QWERTY keypad and the easy-to-hold modern design, the 7200 boasted many of the features that today's BlackBerries continue to utilize. This rich history of the Blackberry demonstrates why it has become such a popular household product.

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