How Does A BlackBerry Work

Have you ever wondered, how does a BlackBerry work? The QWERTY keyboard and flexibility with multiple cell phone plans make the BlackBerry a popular smart phone, but it's not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Learn more about the BlackBerry to decide whether or not you want one.

Push e-mail versus fetching.
The big feature that everyone loves about the BlackBerry is BlackBerry's push e-mail functionality. Most cell phones with e-mail have to contact the server manually and collect any e-mail that has come in at a regularly scheduled interval. If your cell phone is fetching every 20 minutes, for example, you might not see an important e-mail for up to 19 minutes after it arrives. However, with BlackBerry's push functionality, you see an e-mail when it arrives; not when your phone checks for it.

How does a BlackBerry work to transmit emails?

RIM, the company behind BlackBerry, has designed server functionality to transmit e-mails to the BlackBerry, regardless of which cell phone network it's currently using. If you're out of range of your cell provider, but in range of another network's towers, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server still pushes your e-mail to your phone. Push e-mail functionality also works with calendar events, so you can use the BlackBerry push capabilities to make sure your calendar is up-to-date at all times, avoiding embarrassing scheduling snafus.

The QWERTY keyboard appeals to many users.
Many people who review various smart phones simply don't like on-screen touch keyboards. The QWERTY keyboard on many BlackBerry models is small and compact, but still large enough for most users to utilize effectively. However, people who do extensive typing or texting on their BlackBerries sometimes get thumb soreness, which is commonly called BlackBerry Thumb. This is a real repetitive stress injury, and it can degenerate to a form of tendonitis that requires medical treatment or even physical therapy.

A BlackBerry for every cell provider.
If you don't want to be limited by cell phone plans when selecting a smart phone, BlackBerry is a great choice. Unlike many proprietary smart phones, BlackBerry has a model, or several models, with every major cell phone provider, as well as many smaller networks. If you get a BlackBerry, you must select from cell phone plans that offer data connectivity, as BlackBerries typically do a fair amount of data transmission.

How does a BlackBerry work with software setups?
In order to set up a BlackBerry for the first time, you get a software CD that you install on your computer, and it walks you through the setup process. A setup wizard asks you important questions about how you'll use your BlackBerry, and you input personal information and e-mail account information during this walkthrough. Once your settings are complete, you simply connect your BlackBerry to your computer via the provided USB cord, and you're ready to go. This easy setup is yet another draw for the BlackBerry as a smart phone choice.

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