How To Use A BlackBerry

Learning how to use a BlackBerry requires a bit of effort, but it's a relatively easy device to master. BlackBerry manufacturers provide good software to help you walk through the setup process, and you'll find plenty of support for BlackBerry-related questions.

Use the included software to set up your phone.
Your new BlackBerry comes with a software CD that you use on your computer to walk you through the BlackBerry setup. Simply pop the CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your BlackBerry. The installation CD prompts you to provide important information relevant to your BlackBerry setup, such as e-mail account information and synchronization data. Run the installation software, connect your BlackBerry to your computer with the included cable, and your new phone is all set for your use.

How to use a BlackBerry to make and receive cell phone calls.
As a smartphone, you can use the BlackBerry to make and receive cell phone calls. To make a phone call, select the phone application, and dial your number or select your contact. Then, simply press the connect button, and you're all set.

If your provider supports voice dialing, click the button to start the call, and then say "Call" and your contact's name into the microphone. With voice dialing enabled, your BlackBerry then calls the indicated person, and you don't even have to dial or select a contact. Voice dialing is a great option to use when driving.

How to Use a BlackBerry to send text messages.
BlackBerry phones support SMS messaging. With a BlackBerry, you can send or receive text messages up to 160 characters in length. When you receive messages over 160 characters, the BlackBerry truncates your message. To send a text message, select the text messaging prompt, indicate your desired contact and click in the text box to begin typing your message. Use the keypad to enter your data, and then send the message. Beware of typing too much on the BlackBerry, though, as it can cause repetitive stress injuries in some individuals.

Your cell phone provider may be able to answer BlackBerry-related questions.
If you're lucky enough to have a cell phone rep who uses a BlackBerry himself, he might be able to answer your basic BlackBerry-related questions. Don't count on this option, but, when you can find a knowledgeable cell provider rep, ask if he's willing to answer questions you have about learning to use your BlackBerry. Many reps are willing to show a few basic features or answer questions in order to sell a BlackBerry, and they consider it a fair exchange. Your local cell phone provider is also a great option to educate you about the various PDA accessories compatible with the BlackBerry.

Consult forums for specific questions on how to use a BlackBerry.
BlackBerry smartphones are extremely popular, so you'll find plenty of support in the form of online forums to answer any questions you might have about how to use a BlackBerry. Simply do a Web search for your question, or surf to popular BlackBerry forums and browse to see whether other people have had your problem. If you can't find a quick answer, post your question and other BlackBerry users are typically happy to point you in the right direction. BlackBerries have a strong support community, so it's relatively easy to find solutions to potential problems.

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