What Is A BlackBerry

Ask someone "what is a BlackBerry," and you'll get different answers depending on whom you ask. BlackBerry supporters rave about what a great mobile device it is, while folks who have never used it are just as likely to scorn the BlackBerry. As is often the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

A BlackBerry is a cell phone, but it's also so much more.
The core answer to the question 'What is a BlackBerry?" is that it is a cell phone that also function as a handheld organizer and mobile electronics device. BlackBerries are integrated mobile devices that offer calling, Web browsing, e-mail and applications to help you manage your life. While the BlackBerry originally started as a pager, it has evolved into a multitasking master in the present day. Furthermore, the BlackBerry interfaces with enterprise software, making it a popular choice among corporate users.

A BlackBerry is an electronic organizer on steroids.
Early BlackBerry models look like a PDA, and BlackBerries have expanded that functionality through today's models. A BlackBerry is your very own Personal Digital Assistant, combined with a cell phone and Web browser. BlackBerries have all the functionality of any other mobile device, but they are geared more toward no-frills, corporate users. The built-in keypad make it preferable among people who don't want to use on-screen touch-pads, and its simple functionality marks it as a workhorse instead of a bells-and-whistles toy for high-tech electronics geeks.

With its PDA-like functionality, you can use a BlackBerry to manage your calendar, organize your contacts, make and use to-do lists and install applications to help you manage a variety of tasks. Furthermore, BlackBerries merge seamlessly with enterprise e-mail, letting you sync with your desktop e-mail and integrate e-mail contacts and content from your desktop computer.

What is a BlackBerry vs. a PDA? 
While today's BlackBerry offers much of the same functionality as a PDA, the two devices didn't start as the same thing. The BlackBerry actually originated as a pager-style device and didn't have roots in PDA organizing at all. As the BlackBerry has evolved, it's picked up more PDA functionality, but it still remains primarily a data and e-mail storage and transmission device.

BlackBerries as cell phones.
All of today's BlackBerries are also cell phones. However, unlike many of today's smart phones that started out as phones and added data capabilities, the BlackBerry began as a data device and added phone functionality. Because cell phone functionality is incorporated into such a data-centric device, the data management capabilities of the BlackBerry are well-developed and surpass many other smart phones.

BlackBerries are available through several different carriers and on several different cell phone networks. You can find BlackBerries on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and dozens of smaller cellular networks. Because BlackBerries function on such a broad range of networks, selecting a network doesn't limit your phone options; you can find a BlackBerry for virtually any cell phone provider.

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