What Do I Need to Burn DVDs

Have you ever wondered "What do I need to burn DVDs?" It is a common question for those looking to burn home movies for later viewing. DVDs and the data stored on them simply do not last forever. Even normal use scratches DVDs. In fact, all forms of media, including DVDs, degrade and lose their quality with repeated use over time. So, rather than lose those memories on your home movie DVDs, it's a good idea to know how to copy and burn DVDs so you can always create backups.

While there are professional companies that will burn your DVDs for you, you can save time and money by knowing how to copy and burn DVDs yourself. All it takes is three primary pieces of equipment:

DVD Burning Software
In order to copy and burn DVDs, you'll need the right software and a DVD burner. You can choose from a variety of DVD burning software. Some of the software is freeware or shareware that you can download from the Internet and use for a specific amount of time. You can also purchase software, either online or in stores, to help you burn DVDs. It really doesn't matter what sort of software you use. Some may be faster or may be more compatible with your computer. Some may be easier for you to understand or more intuitive to use.

A DVD Burner
A DVD burner is a device that is either an external add-on for your computer or an internal DVD drive already installed on your PC or Mac. DVD burners can record video and can also read and write computer data for storage on a blank DVD. DVD burners may also be referred to as DVD Writers, as they can write data onto blank DVDs.

A Writable DVD
Not all DVDs can be burned. You'll need to find one that has considered "writable," and these are called DVD-R or DVD-RW. The difference between the two is that you can burn a DVD-R once, whereas you can burn a DVD-RW multiple times. Look at the label first to see how many gigabytes of storage each DVD holds before you buy, depending on how much content you want to burn on each DVD.

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