How Do You Pair a Jawbone Headset

How do you pair a Jawbone headset? Like many other wireless headsets, a Jawbone requires certain steps to sync with your Bluetooth-capable phone.

Turn your cell phone on and go to the Bluetooth menu.
With your Jawbone headset turned off, turn on your cell phone and go to the Bluetooth menu. If you're not sure how to access the Bluetooth menu, consult your manufacturer's documentation. Once you're in the Bluetooth menu, activate Bluetooth on your phone.

Press the Noise Shield button on your Jawbone headset.
With Bluetooth activated on your phone, press and hold the Noise Shield button on your Jawbone headset. When you've activated the Bluetooth syncing mode, the LED on your Jawbone headset should flash red and white.

Select your Jawbone headset from the list and pair the device.
With the LED flashing to indicate that your Jawbone is ready to sync, go back to your cell phone and look at the list of Bluetooth devices. Scroll down if necessary to reach the Jawbone headset, select it and enter 0000 if prompted for a password. You should get a message that your Jawbone is synced.

Make sure your Jawbone headset is adjusted to fit properly.
Jawbone headsets are wonderful devices, but they require a bit of tweaking to fit properly and to ensure they're operating to the best of their capabilities. Try the different earbuds that come with the Jawbone headset until you find one that fits perfectly. Adjust your ear clip until the headset is seated comfortably. The Jawbone headset should ideally be touching the side of your face for optimum reception and performance. Even if it's not touching your face, you should still be able to talk regularly on your headset.

Press the Talk button to begin and end calls and use voice-activated dialing.
The Jawbone headset only comes with two buttons: the Talk button and the Noise Shield button. The Talk button is the button you'll use for most of your selections. When you receive an incoming call, press the Talk button to answer. To end a call, press Talk again. If your carrier and cell phone support voice-activated dialing, press Talk to connect to your phone and then enter your voice dialing commands. You can use Noise Shield in noisy environments to help screen out background noises.

Test your Jawbone headset by making a call.
Once you have your Jawbone headset synced, test it by making a call. Dial a number on your cell and press Talk to activate your headset, or press Talk and use voice-activated dialing to make a call. You can also call your cell phone from another phone to test your Jawbone headset.

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