How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset

Learning how to connect a Bluetooth headset is the introduction to Bluetooth technology for most people. Because of the ease in setting up a Bluetooth headset, people feel more comfortable moving on to more complex wireless technology, such as a Bluetooth serial adapter or Bluetooth dongles for their computers.

Headsets are the most common Bluetooth application, allowing users to connect wirelessly with their cell phones. If you've never done this before, you may be surprised at how quick and easy the process is. It should only take about five minutes to pair up the two devices.

  1. Ensure that the cell phone is capable of communicating with a Bluetooth headset. Unless you are using a phone that is more than 2 years old, your cell phone should have no problem with this. Check your owners' manual and look for information on Bluetooth compatibility. If, by chance, you don't have a phone with built-in Bluetooth, you won't be able to use a Bluetooth headset.
  2. Turn on the headset and the cell phone. Make sure that both devices are fully charged.
  3. Turn on the cell phone's feature that activates the Bluetooth settings. Most phones will simply have a toggle command that specifies whether Bluetooth is on or off. When Bluetooth is on, the cell phone sends out a signal that can be picked up by nearby Bluetooth devices, including your headset.
  4. Set the headset to Pickup or Discovery mode. This allows the headset to search for signals from devices, in this case, a cell phone. Different headsets go into Discovery mode in different ways, but generally you'll need to pres and hold a specific button until the mode is activated. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specifics.
  5. Navigate within your cell phone to select new devices. For most phones, you can scroll through the options that allow you to add device signals. When you see that your phone has identified the Bluetooth headset's signal, usually by displaying the name of the headset, select OK or YES.
  6. Put in the headset pass code. Not all headset models require this, but if yours does (check the owner's manual), now is the time to enter it. Press ENTER or OK.
  7. Sign off from the headset. Press DONE or EXIT to finish the pairing.
  8. Test the setup to ensure clear communication. Your Bluetooth headset and cell phone should work seamlessly.
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How does Bluetooth work? It's all about radio signals.

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