How Do I Get a Jammed CD Out of a Car Stereo

How do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo? The question has been asked by legions of angry drivers who've had their favorite music eaten by an automobile's audio system. Car stereo systems can be fickle, and their gears and parts have been known to malfunction with some regularity. However, there are methods for getting those compact discs out of a car stereo's mouth without damaging the stereo.

Feed To Retrieve
While it may seem counterintuitive, a jammed CD can often be retrieved by sticking another CD into the slot and pressing the Eject button. Find a blank CD that has no value, and gently stick it into the open slot of the guilty car CD player. You will likely encounter some resistance, but don't be afraid to apply some pressure. Eventually, the stuck CD will likely retreat into the stomach of the device, and the new CD will enter normally. After doing this, press Eject. Often both CDs will come out in an orderly procession. The effectiveness of this method depends on the stereo being used, and you should never find yourself pushing hard enough on the blank CD to break a sweat. Otherwise, you may get both CDs stuck and break the stereo in the process.

The Sticky Knife Method
Often, a jammed CD can be retrieved by sticky tape inserted via knife. Get a thin butter knife or other non-deadly cutlery, and wrap it with a strong tape of your choice. Make sure you wrap so that the sticky part of the tape is on the outside of the knife. Insert the knife gently, and try to attach the sticky tape to the top of the CD. Pull gently on the knife, and ideally the jammed CD will come out attached.

Productive Frustration
We've all been told that taking our anger out on inanimate objects is childish and counterproductive. However, when it's time to free a jammed CD from a car stereo, you can use your anger to a positive end. If all else fails, take the flat palm of your hand and slap it against the mouth of the CD player. A firm jiggle might move the gears around and initiate release. However, don't go overboard. The temptation to stop slapping and start punching or kicking may be great, but it could leave you with a broken device.

And If Nothing Works?
Sometimes, all of the above methods will fail. In that case, it may be necessary to hire a professional. Stores that specialize in car CD players or car stereo speakers usually have someone who can do the job, or employees can direct you toward an experienced expert. A jammed CD can cause considerable distress, but smart solutions are available.

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