Removing a Stuck CD From a Car Stereo

Having a CD stuck in your car stereo can be frustrating. It keeps you from listening to your favorite songs while you're stuck in traffic and, worst of all, as with every car repair, the cost of getting it fixed is usually unreasonable. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can try before bringing your car to the shop.

A disclaimer is necessary first because any of these tricks could potentially be harmful to your stereo system. If you are still under warranty, it is advisable to take your car to the shop and have the professionals take care of it. That being said, if you are careful and use common sense, you should not do any real damage to your stereo by performing any of the following actions:

Hold Down The Eject Button: If the disc won't eject when you press the eject button, try holding it down for much longer than it would seem is necessary. Sometimes, for various reasons, the machine just isn't communicating properly with itself, and holding down the eject button for a few minutes could solve this. Another trick that many people have tried with some success is to hold down the button for a few minutes, and then release and press it again quickly. Using this maneuver, you may trick the system into ejecting the CD.

Look For An Emergency Release Switch: Many car stereo systems have a small button inside of a thin hole or groove that acts as an emergency release switch. If yours is one of these, the solution may be as simple as taking the sharp end of a safety pin or the tip of an extended mechanical pencil and pressing the button.

Pick Up The Pliers: As a last resort, you could remove the face plate and pull out the CD manually with needle nose pliers. This is generally not good for your system, or the CD for that matter, but sometimes, once the stuck disc is removed, if you reinsert it everything will run fine.

In many cases, you can solve the problem with these simple steps, but make sure not to do anything silly that could cause permanent damage. If these measures don't work, the problem may be either faulty wiring or a broken part inside of your system. Either way, it may be necessary to take it in and get it looked at. After all, considering how much you paid for your system, what's a few more bucks to get it running again?

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