How to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life

Knowing how to extend cell phone battery life is essential. While cell phone batteries are more reliable than they used to be, even the best one won't last more than a few days without needing a recharge. In order to make the most of your battery's life, follow these tips.

How to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life

Phone Settings
You can change some of the settings on your phone so they don't drain your cell phone batteries. For example, set the brightness level on your screen to be a little dimmer, and adjust the time before the phone enters standby mode to a shorter amount. The backlight feature can also be turned lower. You can also turn off the vibrate feature, as that's a real energy drain on the battery.

Draining Features
Cell phones support several functions that wear down the cell phone battery quite quickly. Playing games on your cell phone can drain power out of a battery more quickly than almost anything else. Adding Bluetooth can also require an abundance of energy. Other features that drain the battery are camera features or hooking up to the Internet. Many phones have the option to turn off certain features when not in use, so reduce the strain on your batteries by adjusting the phone settings accordingly. Go sparingly on these and you'll see that you have quicky learned how to extend cell phone battery life.

Just Turn It Off
When there are times you don't need your cell phone, simply turn it off. Whether the time is during an hour-long management meeting, in the subway or at night, turning off the cell phone is the best way to lengthen the life of a single charge. Whether you're dealing with the best cell phone battery available or a cheap one, any battery conserves power when it's not in use.

Signal Search
When your cell phone searches for a reception signal, it uses more battery than when it is engaged with a signal. If you are wandering in an area that has limited coverage, this will force the phone to search harder and longer. Using the phone in a poorly covered area will drain the cell phone battery faster than in an area where signals are easy to find. 

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