Country Code FAQ

When you are using a home telephone, you do not need to use any kind of dialing code if you are calling somebody in the same area. When you are using a cell phone, however, you may be required to use a number of different dialing codes, according to where you are and where the recipient is. If you are calling internationally and you don't get the country code right, the chances are that you won't be able to make the call. Learn how to use country codes on your cell phone with the following key information.

About mobile country codes

Mobile country codes are used by telephone service providers to identify mobile stations in wireless telephone networks. They are short numeric codes, and enable service providers to automatically connect users on different networks, in different countries. In many cases, you will be required to use a country code and a mobile network code, so that you can connect with users anywhere around the world.

Using country codes with your mobile

In order to use a country code, you must use the plus sign (+) on your telephone keypad. On some older mobile phones, this will normally be located on a multi-function button to the left or right of the number 0. On smartphones and touch screen phones like the iPhone, then the + function can normally be enabled simply by pressing and holding the number 0. This will normally only work when it is the first key pressed in the sequence. Once you have entered the + sign, you will then normally have to enter an international exit code (indicating where you are calling from), followed by the country code (identifying the country you are calling) then a mobile code before you enter the telephone number.

Establishing the right country code

Unless you make calls to the same country on a regular basis, it is pretty much impossible that to remember the right country code combination for all the different countries in the world. You can find the right country code in a number of different ways.

  • Call your service provider. Your service provider will be able to tell you what the country code is for the call you want to make. Some service providers may also publish this on their Web site.
  • Use an online tool. There are a number of Web sites, which allow you to calculate the country code free of charge for the call that you intend to make. Country Calling Codes provides a quick, simple reference tool, which explains the steps you need to take. How To Call Abroad does the same, but also includes local dialing codes and the actual time in the country you intend to call.

Cost of using country codes

Country codes do not add any additional cost to the call but you will incur the standard international calling rates for your network provider as soon as the call is connected. Before you make the call, check with your provider for details of the charges. Many calling plans come with discounted options for international calling but you may find it cheaper to use another provider.

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