How to Backup Phone Data

Having backup phone data can be a lifesaver if you break or lose your cell phone. There are few things more aggravating than having to get all your friends' numbers again. But at least your friends will contact you eventually (hopefully). What about the other data on your phone, like your calendar or music files? The good news is they don't have to be stuck in the back seat of a cab with your phone because with a data backup service you can recover what you lost in no time.

Keeping A Hard Copy
There are a few backup services at your disposal. The first may not seem so obvious, but it's also the cheapest. Keep a hard copy. That's right: You can keep a physical hard copy of all your contacts and important dates on a calendar or ledger. Sure, this is incredibly low-tech and can be a little tedious, but if you are in a bind, having a hard copy of important information is crucial. Barring a fire or accidentally dropping it into a paper shredder, your hard copy will outlast any gadget.

Using A Digital Service
Obviously, you can't back up things like music files and ringtones in a book. So there are digital services that help you recover what you lost. Verizon offers a service called Backup Assistant that can store your contacts and other information online. If your phone gets lost or damaged, your information can be downloaded onto your new phone from their secure server. This service costs only $1.99/month, and other companies, like AT&T and Cingular, are putting out a similar type of service, so contact your cell phone company to see what they have to offer.

Relying On An External Backup Device
If you don't want a higher cell phone bill, you can always go with an external device. Cellstick acts like a flash drive for your computer to store your phone's files. In fact, it's USB-adaptable so you can transfer your files from your phone to your computer. Products like this hover around the $40 price range and support many different types of phone.

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