How to Block a Phone Number

Do you know how to block a phone number? You can protect your privacy by making calls anonymously so businesses or individuals don't log your number and keep calling you back when you don't want them to do so. In this day and age of aggressive and harassing calls from companies and individuals, many people are seeing the value of blocking their numbers from businesses and residences. Blocking a phone number is not difficult, and it can be done easily with landline or mobile phones.

Contacting A Phone Service Provider To Establish Permanent Blocking
Contacting your phone service provider is the first step in getting a number blocked. The process for blocking a phone number can be different based on the carrier, but, after you decide to block a phone number permanently, the code *82 followed by the number being called must be entered for a blocked number to be identifiable. Unless that is done, the number will always be blocked from caller ID machines.

Blocking A Number Temporarily
If you don't want to block a number permanently, you can do it on a call-by-call basis, although the blocking code must be entered before a call is made. The code to block an individual call is *67. When this code is entered before you call a number, the phone number will be blocked from any caller ID systems on the receiving end.

1-800 numbers are able to identify any number, as they use an advanced identification system known as ANI, or Automatic Number Identification. Even though 1-800 number operators are able to see the number calling, they are not allowed to give out the information.

The Value Of Knowing How To Block A Phone Number
Harassing and intrusive phone calls are increasingly common, and more and more people just want to be anonymous in as many situations as possible. Blocking a phone number is actually a simple process. Once you know all the methods available for blocking, you can make calls without worry of privacy breach or intrusion.

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