How to Block My Number on a Verizon Cell Phone

"How to block my number on a Verizon cell phone" is a question that people pose all the time. Fortunately, you have remedies both through your mobile phone interface and through standard phone usage.

Blocking your number from the mobile phone interface.
Some phones have cell phone security features that include the ability to block or hide your outgoing phone number. This is a feature you find in the mobile phone interface itself. Check your Phone Settings in your cell phone's menu. If you see an option to Block or Hide My Phone Number, selecting that option enables you to change the settings. Most phones are set to the network default, and they require you to select to hide your number manually if you choose to keep it private. This hides your number on all outgoing calls, but it is available only on some cell phones.

Permanently block the number through Verizon.
Verizon offers you the ability to block your cell phone number permanently on all outgoing calls through the Verizon Web interface. Sign into your Verizon account on the Web, and go to the My Plan tab. Select the Add/Change Features option. From there, click the checkbox for Caller ID Blocking. Finally, click the Next button at the bottom of the page, and all calls you make from your Verizon phone number are permanently blocked.

Unblock calls on a call-by-call basis.
If your line is permanently blocked, but you're trying to call someone who doesn't accept calls from blocked numbers, you can unblock your number for the duration of the phone call by dialing *82 before you dial the area code and number. This shows your caller ID information on the call to that number. Your caller ID remains blocked otherwise; *82 just turns off caller ID blocking temporarily. This feature may not work if you use your cell phone's "hide number" interface; you may need to turn that feature off while you make your call and then re-activate it when you're done.

Block caller ID on a call-by-call basis.
This feature is not specific to Verizon, but instead is a general phone feature that works with all mobile phones and landlines. In order to block your caller ID information from showing up on a single outgoing phone call, press *67 before you dial the number. You'll need to dial a 1 and then the area code and phone number after the *67. When you hang up and make another call, your caller ID is unblocked; you have to enter *67 in order to block it again.

Don't abuse caller ID blocking.
Caller ID blocking exists to protect your cell phone security. Don't abuse this feature by making prank phone calls. Don't use caller ID blocking for illegal activities, such as stalking. Illegal activities are still illegal regardless of whether or not your phone number is visible, and you can be prosecuted in court if you abuse this functionality. Also, some programs exist to reveal even blocked caller ID information. While this functionality works most of the time, if someone is determined to get your caller ID info, they can, so don't assume it's impossible for people to trace you.

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