What is a SIM Card

What is a SIM card? If you've got a cell phone, chances are good that you've also got a SIM card. These little devices are very important to your cell phone operation, so learn about them to ensure you're utilizing your service to the fullest.

Cell Phone Memory Chips
A SIM card, which stands for Subscriber Identity Module, is basically a cell phone memory chip. It's a little card that slides in and out of cell phones that can be used to store personal data. The SIM card manages your personal cell phone data, like the cell phone number, an address book and other personal data, depending on the card and provider, such as text messages or photos.

Your cell phone won't work without a SIM card. If you put your SIM card into a different, compatible cell phone, your personal, account information and billing information will be transferred to that phone. Calls made with your SIM card count against your cell phone plan, regardless of whether they're made with your physical phone.

SIM Cards Make Upgrading Easy
If you change phones with compatible SIM cards, you may be able to take your SIM card out of one phone and insert it into another phone and keep all your personal data. This saves you the trouble of typing in your address book all over again, or losing your photos and text messages. This only works if you change phones with the same carrier and the phones use the same SIM card.

If you've got an expensive phone and you want to keep it but change carriers, you may be able to simply swap out your SIM card from the old carrier to the new carrier to change service. Not all phones work with multiple carriers, so first make sure that your phone isn't restricted to your carrier's service. If your phone is unlocked and works on multiple networks, all you have to do is switch out your SIM card to get new service.

Consider a World SIM Card If You Travel
One of the biggest hassles of international travel is figuring out cell phone roaming charges. Some travelers prefer to simply swap out the SIM card for a local SIM card to avoid paying international roaming fees and to make sure their phone works. Another option is to use a world SIM card to take advantage of discounts and diverse support in a broad range of countries.

World SIM cards are supported in multiple countries; depending on the card, you can get support in more than 200 countries. When you buy a world SIM card, you don't have to worry about buying a local SIM card wherever you travel; one card provides for all your needs. Verify that the world SIM card works in your destination countries before purchase, and check for minimum monthly usage fees.

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