Is It Ever Worthwhile to Replace Cordless Phone Batteries

Sometimes, cordless phone batteries wear out. A few years ago, you could go to an electronics store and see an entire aisle of replacement cordless phone batteries. Now, though, manufacturers are moving away from replacing batteries. 

Do a Basic Cost Analysis
As with any purchasing decision, the first step is to do a cost analysis. How much does it cost to replace your cordless phone battery? Is your battery even available? Given that cordless phone technology today is vastly different than it was a few years ago, you may have trouble finding a replacement battery for your phone. If you'll have to order it online or if it costs nearly as much as a new phone, it's probably not worthwhile to replace the battery. However, if it's inexpensive and you can pick it up at your local electronics store, it might be worthwhile to keep the phone running for a while longer.

It's Best to Upgrade Older Phones
Because cordless phone technology has changed so much in the past few years, it's probably not worthwhile to replace batteries in an older cordless phone. If your phone is more than five or six years old, chances are good that you'd benefit dramatically from a new phone. Apply the money you'd spend on a cordless phone battery for your old, outdated phone to purchasing a new phone. You'll enjoy improved sound quality and reduced interference.

Consider Replacing Batteries in Newer Phones
If you've got a $200 cordless phone and the battery dies, it's probably worthwhile to spend the cash on a new phone battery. This is especially true if you have an expandable phone system with multiple handsets, and you would have to replace the entire system. In this case, the cost of the battery is far less than the cost of replacing the system. Since you already have new technology, there's no need to upgrade.

Check Your Warranty
If you need to replace a battery, consult the manufacturer's warranty to see if the battery replacement is covered. If the battery fails extremely quickly, it may point to a manufacturer's error that would be covered under the warranty. Iff you purchased an extended warranty at an electronics store, it may cover the cost of a replacement battery. 

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