How to Install a Phone Jack

Knowing how to install a phone jack is an absolute must for any person who wants to use a telephone in her home or office. While cellular phones require only the push of a button to start working, stationary telephones call for a phone jack system, and setup can be cumbersome, but you can install a jack safely with these steps.

Finding A Location For Your Phone Jack
Before you can install a phone jack, you need to determine where you want to put it. You can save some effort and money by placing the jack near another phone, as you ultimately need to connect the new phone jack's wiring to an existing jack. Once you have found a nice spot for your jack, place it on the wall and trace an outline around the jack's perimeter. Next, you need to cut a hole out of the wall with a drywall saw.

Installation And Wiring
Next, it's time to connect the telephone wire from a pre-existing jack to the new jack. Depending on the pre-existing jack's distance from the new phone jack, you may have to measure or drill more holes for easy access. The new wire can be attached to the back of the pre-existing jack, or through the front if you are running wire along a baseboard. You must attach the wires to the colored screws in the phone jack connector plate. Be sure to match colors: For example, if a wire is red, connect it to the red screw. If there is excess coating on the wires, strip it. Next, screw the box into the attachment stud.

Attaching The Box And Phone
After the wires from the existing jack have been attached, it is time to run the wire through the wall or along the baseboard, attach the wires to the new box as above and attach the box to the wall space. Next, plug your phone into the newly attached jack. Congrats: You have successfully installed a new phone jack.

A Little Phone Jack Know-How
Knowing how to install a phone jack is necessary for all landline users. While expensive service men may be at your beck and call, doing it yourself can inspire a true sense of competence and skill. Besides, you'll be able to impress your friends by doing the job for them should the need arise.

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