How to Clean DVDs to Promote Disc Longevity

Learn how to clean DVDs to make them last longer. DVDs can provide many hours of enjoyment, but you must take care of them. Below are just a few tips for DVD disc longevity and years of film-viewing pleasure.

Six simple rules to keep your DVD clean and scratch-free:

  1. Remember to return your DVD to its case. Do not leave that task for later.

  2. Do not place or store your DVDs near heat or sun.

  3. Always hold your disc at the edge. An easy way is to place one finger in the center and your thumb at the edge of the DVD.

  4. Use compressed air to get rid of dust. You use a can of compressed air to keep the dust away from your DVDs, the same as you do for the keys of your computer.

  5. If you prefer hands-on dusting, be sure to use a lint-free, white or light-colored cloth. Dust the disc from center to edge in single strokes. You can buy a cloth specifically for this purpose. Check out your local office supply store.

  6. Do not wipe fingerprints away from your DVD with your fingers. You will compound the problem. Use one of the wet disc cleansers. Check out your office supply store for DVD and CD cleanser.

Gentle handling and a little care will assure that your beloved DVD discs will serve your viewing pleasure for a long time.

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