How to Get Scratches Off DVDs

Knowing how to get scratches off DVDs is crucial. A simple scratch on a Digital Video Disc can turn your favorite movie into unwatchable static, freezing the frames and disabling the audio. Luckily, thanks to modern techniques, you don't have to throw a beloved DVD in the trash every time someone accidentally scratches it.

Washing The Disc
Many people believe that water is the enemy of all digital products. While this is true in several cases, a good scrubbing can often clean the scratches off a DVD. To clean the DVD, gently run warm water over the scratched disc. For stains or grease that won't budge, use a touch of detergent. Then you want to rub the DVD with a microfiber cloth, which is used to clean computer screens and eyeglasses. Rub up and down and never in circles.

Household Helpers
Washing a DVD with warm water can work wonders, but additional household products can remove scratches and clean a disc. These products include window cleaner, rubbing alcohol and toothpaste. With window cleaner and rubbing alcohol, simply apply them lightly to the scratched disk. Rub up and down with a microfiber cloth, as you would if you were using water. With toothpaste, squeeze a small dollop on the disc, and rub it on all areas until it dissolves. Before using these substances on a valuable DVD, give them a shot on a cheap CD or DVD to see how they work. Once you've got the proper technique, you can move onto the damaged discs you want to repair.

Special Cleaners
Sometimes a special commercial cleaner is needed to remove scratches from a DVD. These cleaners are reasonably affordable, and they can be acquired from stores specializing in electronics. These special cleaners often can remove deeper scratches found on the most tender custom CD or DVD, but give household cleaners a try before you invest in a special product.

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