How to Install TomTom Maps on Your GPS

Knowing how to install TomTom maps can come in handy if you plan to take a trip elsewhere or if a new road opened up in your area. TomTom works by revealing maps as you travel, so you'll want to have the latest maps for every trip.

Where can I get maps for other countries?
If you plan on renting a car abroad and bringing your TomTom along, you can download a map for your destination from the TomTom Web site. For example, if you wanted to rent a car during a vacation in Toronto, you can get a set of maps for Canada and Alaska. However, these maps can be expensive depending on where you want to go.

What if there's a change to the roads in my area?
Tom Tom keeps up with these changes, and you can download them if you buy the Tom Tom Map Update Service. This service provides four new maps a year so you are never surprised by sudden construction.

How do I get these maps on my TomTom?
Make sure that you've downloaded the program Tom Tom HOME to your computer. Then, connect your TomTom to your computer via a USB cable. When the Home screen appears, log in. If Tom Tom detects your new map, then it will prompt you to download and install it.

Will the new map remember any of my favorite locations?
Yes. However, you'll need to convert the favorites to what TomTom calls "Points of Interest" using the Preferences > Manage POIs menu. The next time you connect TomTom to your computer, you can copy the points of interest to your computer and then click on "Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras, etc."

Are there any potential problems with downloading TomTom maps?
Sometimes, you might not have enough room for the new map. Luckily, Tom Tom is one step ahead of you and offers to delete another map, so you'll have the chance to delete outdated maps or maps that you aren't using anymore. If your Internet connection goes on the fritz, simply start again by hitting "Update My Device."

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