How to Track My Cell Phone With GPS

"How to track my cell phone with GPS?" The question has been asked by savvy mobile phone users who are eager to track down a misplaced phone or simply keep tabs on their locations. You can track your phone easily if you have the right kind of phone and the right kind of application installed.

Mobile Phones With GPS Compatibility
In order for your cell phone to be located via a GPS tracking system, it must have a tracking application installed. Today, mobile phone companies that enable tracking of individuals include AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint and Nextel. If your phone does not have a GPS locator application installed, it will need to be installed before it can be found via an outer space satellite. More and more phones are coming equipped with GPS capability, and you'd be wise to use these if you're planning on tracking your phone with some regularity.

Tracking Applications
Online, you can find a few simple programs and applications that can allow you to find your cell phone via GPS. InstaMapper is a freeware application that allows you to find people and places. Or, you can try Google Latitude, which works as long as you and your friends have all agreed to be tracked by the service. Another option is GadgetTrak, which you can use to follow stolen devices, including mobile phones and laptops.

When Might I Need to Track My Cell Phone via GPS?
Believe it or not, several situations may come up when you need to track your cell phone. Since cell phones are so small, they are easy to lose. Plus, they are hot commodities, so a thief might snatch it at any time. If you access your GPS application through a laptop, you can get a good idea about where your missing phone is by determining the longitude and latitude of your current location, and you can either find where you left it or tell the police where it's been spotted.

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