Can I Use a Monitor as an HDTV

Have you ever wondered, can I use a monitor as an HDTV? Most monitors aren't equipped with a TV tuner. Still, watching HDTV on the computer screen is possible.

Difference between a Monitor and TV
LDC monitors and LDC TVs use the same technology. The one component missing from most monitors that is necessary for TV is the tuner. A TV tuner changes the signal into a format the monitor is able to display. More expensive monitors have built-in tuners, which simplify the process. But for monitors that do not have an integrated tuner, a few adjustments will need to be made.

Check the TV for a HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) interface. The majority of new HDTVs have this. S-video or VGA will work, although either affects the picture quality.

If you connect HDMI and DVI components, a sound loss will occur. HDMI supports sound. DVI does not support sound. Instead, connect the computer or HDTV to a sound system.

TV Tuners
To show HDTV signals, a TV tuner will be necessary. Two types are available: an internal card that gets installed in the PC or an external box that attaches to the computer. It's important to make sure the tuner supports HDTV. Installing a tuner allows for recording TV shows.

The actual picture depends on the aspect ratio and resolution of the monitor. A full HD picture may not be displayed. Adjust the display settings for a better picture. Check the TV manual to learn how to adjust the TV's native resolution or how to create a custom resolution.

Enjoy the high-def experience on your computer. Multimedia presentations and online gaming are enhanced through HDTV. Once you've connected the two, the possibilities for clear viewing are endless.

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