What Is High Definition Technology

Many people wonder, what is high definition technology? For the past decade, consumers have been offered the option to take their televisions to the next level with high definition. But what exactly does this mean? Let's take a look at what HD TV really is and what you can expect from high definition quality.

High Definition TV Versus Digital TV
As of June 2009, television broadcasts in the US have been converted from analog signals to digital. This change has led to some confusion involving digital broadcasts and high definition. Digital signals are a much more efficient way to transmit data than analog and can be picked up with cable service, satellite dishes or antennas connected to digital converter boxes.

However, just because the signal is now digital doesn't mean that you are necessarily picking up a high definition broadcast. High definition is just the top level of viewing a digital broadcast. The clarity comes from the number of pixels that a television has and the frame rate at which the picture is being displayed. HD televisions have up to 10 times more pixels than an analog television. And, with a wider aspect ratio, HD TVs are able to display images as they would appear on a movie screen.

Receiving High Definition Television
First, you need a television capable of displaying high definition broadcasts. Plasma screen and LCD flat screens feature HD capability and are in a more affordable price range than they were 10 years ago. You'll also need a way to receive high definition programming. If you have cable or satellite service, you can pay for an HD package, and the company will set you up with the necessary equipment, which usually includes an HD DVR box and an HDMI cable. If you have HD-ready TV but no cable service, you can still pick up local channels that broadcast in high definition. However, you'll need to get an HD antenna to pick it up, or you can make an antenna on your own.

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