What Is the Difference Between HDTV and Regular TV

So, what is the difference between HDTV and regular TV? Let's tune in to find out. With television stations no longer broadcasting an analog signal, HDTVs are the staple for high-definition signals.

Think of regular TV as a single resolution. Analog TV sets show standard-definition programs. Regular TV, cable, and satellite channels aired this style of signal prior to the required digital conversion. Analog resolution is around 640 x 480 pixels. Analog screens contained 625 lines. That small of an amount doesn't produce a sharp picture. Furthermore, the aspect ratio of an analog set is 4:3, resembling a square. Picture shapes distort at that ratio.

Digital television describes standard-definition television viewed through an analog TV that uses a tuner to receive the digital signal. High-def programs won't show as detailed a picture compared to what shows up on a true HDTV.

What is the difference between HDTV and regular TV?
HDTV pictures show twice the detail than an analog set. Pixels of a picture are smaller and crowded together. The end result is a sharper picture. The picture quality explains why HDTV is a great choice for home theater systems.

HDTVs can have up to 1080 lines per screen. To qualify as a high-definition, the signal must contain a minimum of 720 horizontal lines of scanned pixels, 1080 lines of interlaced pixels or 1080 lines of progressively scanned pixels.

The screen ratio of a high-def TV resembles a rectangle and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. Luckily, digital signal can travel a longer distance without interference. The bottom line: a clear, sharp picture.

Clearly, HDTV is the only choice for newly manufactured TVs. Analog sets may be used, in conjunction with a converter, to receive the digital signal.

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