How to Rewire Headphones

Knowing how to rewire headphones can be a useful tool and a money saver. Has your favorite pair of headphones ever stopped working or started playing more static than music? Well, if that's the case you may not need to run to the store for a new pair just yet. Take a look at the steps below to see if your headphones are worth saving.

1. Find The Trouble Spot
Lots of static usually indicates a frayed connection in the headphone wires. This is a common problem in most brands, as regular wear and tear takes its toll over time. The good news is that, if you're still hearing sound, it can probably be fixed. What you'll need is a pair of wire cutters, a soldering iron and some electrical tape. Identify the bad connection spot by listening to your headphones and running your finger down the wire. There should be a spot that either gets clearer or results in more static. This is where the bad connection is.

2. Cut The Wire
Once you have identified the bad connection, unplug the headphones. You don't want electricity running through them when you cut into them. Take the wire cutters, and carefully cut into the wire casing. Make sure not to cut through the wires, just the casing.

3. Repair The Wire
Peel the casing back until the fray is visible. With your hands, gently fix the fray by twisting the wire back together. Next, keep it in place by fusing it together with the soldering iron. Fold the wire casing back down, and patch up the wire with electrical tape.

4. Check The Connection
If you're not getting any sound in your headphones, it may be a loose connection in the phones themselves and not the wire. You can try taking them apart and identifying the loose connection yourself, but depending on the size of the headphones it might be really difficult. Earbuds are hard to take apart and reassemble because they are so small. It might be in your best interest just to get a new pair.

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