Install Home Stereo Speakers in Five Easy Steps

Installing home stereo speakers doesn't have to be rocket science. With a little planning and a few easy steps, you can have your new home stereo speakers up and running in no time.

  1. Take a look at your room before doing anything with home stereo speakers.
    Look at the room where you're putting your home stereo speakers and think about your speaker layout. Where do you intend to sit when using your home stereo speakers? What direction will the speakers be pointing? Are there any areas of the room that won't have coverage or any areas that might have too much coverage? Plan the placement of your home stereo speakers in advance and you'll save yourself a lot of time when the installation begins.
  2. Run speaker wire and listen to your home stereo speakers before you do anything.
    Once you've determined the layout for your home stereo speakers, hook them up and listen to them. Don't install them properly and run wire yet. Simply snake wire across the floor so you can see how your home stereo speakers sound in their intended destination. You may decide you need to tweak the layout, so this is your best chance, before you mount speakers or run wire. Are the speakers facing the right direction? Can you hear one speaker, but not the other? Make any adjustments to your home stereo speakers to get the perfect setup.
  3. Determine how you'll run the wire for your home stereo speakers.
    Once you've decided where you're putting your home stereo speakers and tested the setup, it's time to consider the practical aspects of the installation. How will you run the wire for your home stereo speakers? Some people fish the wire through the walls, while other people run the wire along baseboards or the ceiling in wire concealment systems. Determine the best way to run speaker wire for your home stereo speakers, and purchase any necessary equipment.
  4. Install home stereo speaker mounts.
    After laying out the system and figuring out how you're running wire, installing the stereo speaker mounts is the easiest part of the process. Simply wall-mount the stereo speakers per the mount manufacturer's instructions, or set up your home stereo speakers on floor stands; whichever works best for you. Installing the speakers themselves is the easiest part of the home stereo speaker setup process.
  5. Run wire and hook up your home stereo speakers.
    Finally, using whatever method you decided to use in step three, run the speaker wire from your home stereo or home stereo receiver and hook up your home stereo speakers. If you're using a wire concealment system, you may want to mount the system itself before running wire. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, but it's generally easier to run wire once the system is setup. From there, simply hook up the wires to the back of your system, making sure to match the red wire to the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal. All set!
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