The Best Home Stereo Speakers for Small Apartments

When you're shopping for home stereo speakers for a small apartment, you're faced with an array of decisions and choices about how you want to set up your system. Do you want to shop for today, or plan for next year when you want to move into a bigger apartment? How much space do you have for home stereo speakers? Should you go with wireless home stereo speakers? If you're feeling overwhelmed on your search for home stereo speakers for your small apartment, consider these options:

Shopping advice for small apartment home stereo speakers.
First, cover the basics. If you live in a small apartment, you're probably on a budget, so don't waste your money buying equipment that is going to overfill a room. More importantly, though, space is at a premium in small apartments, so you want unobtrusive home stereo speakers that aren't going to be ridiculously large in your small space. Placement is important, as is the viability of running speaker wire in small apartments.

Speakers for small spaces are designed differently, with more compact drivers for efficient sound transmission. Home stereo speakers for a large room won't perform as well if you simply turn them down, because they're designed to fill a larger space.

Consider bookshelf home stereo speakers.
Some audiophiles turn their noses up at bookshelf speakers, but the truth is that the right pair of bookshelf speakers can be the perfect choice for small space home stereo speakers. Sony makes great bookshelf home stereo speakers: the Sony SS-B1000 at approximately five inches, and the Sony SS-B3000 at around 8 inches are both great choices for home stereo speakers.

Floor stereo speakers might be a good choice for your small apartment.
If you can't mount anything on the walls and don't have any shelf space for bookshelf speakers, floor stereo speakers might be a good alternative. Floor stereo speakers take up a bit more space, but they typically offer better sound over their compact bookshelf counterparts, due to design differences. Sony also makes good floor stereo speakers, with the Sony SS-F6000 topping the list.

If you want high-end home stereo speakers for a small apartment, you can find them.
While home stereo speakers for a small apartment are typically less expensive than the ones you'd need to fill a larger space, you can still find high-end home stereo speakers for your small space. The Paradigm Titan Monitor V.5 home stereo speakers pack quite a punch with floor speakers that produce big sound for a small space. If you're looking for high-end bookshelf speakers, consider Energy Reference Connoisseur RC-10 home stereo speakers.

Wireless home stereo speakers aren't quite ready yet.
As with other wireless devices, wireless home stereo speakers aren't really ready for general consumer use yet. You can certainly find wireless home stereo speakers, but they're prone to RF interference and poor sound quality. If sound quality is a concern, pass on wireless home stereo speakers.

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