When Was the First Mobile Phone Invented

Can you answer, when was the first mobile phone invented? Although these phones are ubiquitous today, they actually took a long time to bring to the masses, and the technology dates back to experiments performed over 60 years ago.

An idea for cell phone service emerged in 1947, and AT&T and Bell Labs began collaborating on the creation of hexagonal cells. Hexagonal cells allowed for transmission of cell signals from actual mobile phone base stations, building on the radiophone technology long used by the military. The hexagonal cell system was a considerable advance over radiophone technology, as the latter required soldiers to lug heavy packs on their backs in order to communicate.

The Work Of Martin Cooper
The mobile phone can trace its life back to 1973, when an inventor named Martin Cooper came forward with the first portable, cellular phone. At the time of its creation, the cellular phone weighed over two pounds and allowed for only a short talk time. Handheld and inspired by science fiction, the first cellular phones sold for approximately $4,000. Promotion was handled by the Motorola company, a major player in today's mobile phone market.

Development, Promotion And The Modern Mobile Phone
Mobile phones were slow to catch on, as they were heavy and unwieldy for the 20 years following their invention. Motorola handled a great deal of promotion, advertising the benefits of the mobile phone to uninformed consumers. Although slow to take off, by the beginning of the 21st century, the wireless mobile phone began to grow in popularity. Today, it can seem like a daunting task to find an individual not armed with a mobile phone. Communication using the devices is completely ingrained into the modern world.

Understanding Mobile Phone History
Although the mobile phone arrived in 1973, experiments and theories developed earlier played a pivotal role in mobile phone creation. Using the latest mobile phones can be more fun when you don't take the technology at face value and can look back with gratitude to its inventors.

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