How To Put Movies On iPhones

Curious about how to put movies on iPhones? Whether you're downloading video files from iTunes or adding your own DVDs to your iPhone, you've got plenty of options for adding movies to your phone.

Convert existing DVDs to watch on your iPhone.
If you want to watch your existing DVDs on your iPhone, you'll need special software to convert files from DVD format to the .mp4 format which iPhone uses for video. You can buy software to convert the files at a fairly low price. Then simply pop the DVD in the drive, and run the software to convert the files. From there, you'll need to add the video to your iTunes library, and then be sure to sync the video to your iPhone.

Look for specific iPhone conversion software to learn how to put movies on iPhones.
In order to watch videos on your iPhone, you'll need to convert it to a format that the iPhone can use. While many basic conversion programs can turn your DVD into .mp4 format, some programs exist solely to convert video to iPhone files. These programs can even resize your video into iPhone-friendly resolutions and screen sizes, and they can optimize the video so that it requires less memory. This is an especially useful feature if you're strapped for memory on your iPhone and don't have enough space to store tons of videos and movies.

Rent or buy movies via iTunes.
If you want to watch movies you don't already own, you can always rent or buy movies via the iTunes store. When you rent movies on iTunes, you have 30 days to start watching and 24 hours to finish the movie once you begin it. When you finish watching a rented movie, iTunes automatically deletes it. When you rent or purchase movies via iTunes, simply select the movies to sync the next time you connect your iPhone, and then sync your phone to get the video content.

Download video directly to your iPhone via iTunes.
While it may be the slowest option, depending on how you're connected, you can actually download video directly to your iPhone via iTunes. This might be a good option for how to put movies on iPhones if you're connected to a WiFi hot spot, but, if you're on the 3G network or the Edge network, it could take ages to download your video content directly to your phone. However, this is an option when you're near a WiFi access point, or if you're desperate for movie content even when you're away from your computer.

Keep in mind that iPhone memory is limited.
Unfortunately, iPhone memory is limited depending on the model you have. You can't add expandable memory to the iPhone, so you're constrained by whatever capacity you purchase when you get your iPhone. If you've got a lot of music, you may be able to put only a limited number of movies on your iPhone. Movies that take up less space are easier to sync to your iPhone because you don't have to worry about juggling music and movie files.

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