How To Use An iPhone

Learning how to use an iPhone is a fairly easy and intuitive process, as Apple has integrated its easy-to-use style with the iPhone. You simply need to learn how to navigate the touch screen using the easy icons, and your own familiarity with iTunes does the rest.

How to use an iPhone's icons to navigate.
The iPhone interface is fairly easy to use. Simply select the Phone icon to use an iPhone as a cell phone; the Mail icon to use e-mail functionality; the Safari icon to surf the Web or the iPod icon to play movies or music. If you want to use additional applications, simply press the icon associated with the application you want to use to start the icon. You can tweak each application's settings from within the Settings menu, as well as your phone's overall settings.

Install applications to handle specific functionality.
While many Web sites now offer mobile versions that are easy to use on a cell phone, thousands of developers are working with iPhones to develop applications to handle specific functionality. Many apps are free, but some developers charge a fee for purchasing and maintaining the applications.

If you're a social networking addict, you can learn how to use an iPhone to access Facebook or Twitter apps to keep tabs on your pals. Want to make a grocery list? Choose from several list applications. Looking for a specific recipe while you're at the grocery store? There are apps for that, too. The iTunes Application store grows daily, and users can select thousands of applications to manage specific functionality.

Learn how to use an iPhone to navigate iTunes.
iTunes is your main interface between your cell phone and your computer. You can use iTunes to sync music and video content, but you can also use it to sync contacts, photos and other important cell phone data. Learn how to navigate iTunes to make your iPhone life that much easier. The iTunes store is also where you find applications to download to manage specific tasks from your iPhone, so you'll need an iTunes store account to access these files.

Apple has great support for learning how to use an iPhone.
The Apple Web site can help you with navigating the iPhone. Whether you have specific questions about aspects of the iPhone or general inquiries about the basics and getting started, Apple has you covered with both text and video tips. Simply go to the Apple Web site, click on the iPhone button and go to the How To link. From there, you can select the individual feature with which you need help, or walk through the basics and a brief overview to get started.

Forums can answer specific questions about how to use an iPhone.
Millions of people have iPhones, and the iPhone has a strong support community on Apple forums. If you have specific questions that aren't covered in the Apple How To guide, head over to the forums to see if your problem is addressed. If not, ask away. iPhone users are good about answering specific inquiries, and Apple moderators may be kind enough to interject when warranted.

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