When Was The iPhone Invented

Ever wondered, when was the iPhone invented? While iPhone history is fairly easy to trace, the actual origins of the iPhone stem from Steve Jobs' insistence on pursuing certain avenues of research.

The original iPhone was released in June 2007.
While many events led up to the invention of the iPhone, the date that the original iPhone was released was June 29, 2007. That's when the iPhone made its debut to the public and became available for consumer purchase. However, the iPhone was the latest step in a long series of research projects begun by Steve Jobs and Apple long before this date.

The first iTunes-capable phone was released in September 2005.
Before Apple created the iPhone, it partnered with Motorola to develop a phone that used iTunes to sync and manage music, contacts and data. The ROKR E1 was released on September 7, 2005, but Steve Jobs was already unhappy with the phone's design. Apple stopped supporting the ROKR in September 2006, just a year after the phone's release.

iTunes hints at iPhone as early as September 2006.
When Apple discontinued support for the ROKR in September 2006, it also released a new version of iTunes practically simultaneously that referenced a mobile phone capable of displaying video and picture content. The iPhone was clearly in development at this point, as Steve Jobs' subsequent iPhone announcement in January 2007 confirms.

Hints of the iPhone in 2003.
While it's unlikely that Steve Jobs or Apple was envisioning or developing the iPhone as far back as 2003, a comment that Steve Jobs made in 2003 indicates that he saw the importance of combining cell phones with data and PDA functionality. While he expressed that Apple did not intend to get into the PDA marketplace in 2003, Jobs did point out that synchronization software would be key to managing truly excellent smartphones. Conveniently, Apple already had synchronization software capable of managing such a task.

When was the iPhone Invented? The origins stretch as far back as 2001.
Apple released iTunes in 2001. It was the first comprehensive synchronization software of its type, used to sync iPods with computers and music libraries. Without iTunes, the iPhone wouldn't exist as people know it today. iTunes is the foundation upon which Jobs' vision for the future was built, and it is the platform upon which the iPhone is built.

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