Best Free iTouch Apps

Do you have an iPod touch? If you do, it is very likely that you are interested in free apps for it. There are free apps for just about every purpose including entertainment, social networking and knowledge, as well as apps that are just for fun. Here are just a few of the best free iPod touch or iTouch apps.


The Kindle app has an aesthetically pleasing interface that it is easy to use. Use Whispersync to automatically sync up all of your Kindle account details including bookmarks, last page read, highlights across devices and notes, making the transition from one device to another seamless. The app gives you access to all of the books, magazines and newspapers that are available through the Kindle Store. Read the first chapter of selected titles for free to preview a book before you buy it. Search inside books to locate topics, characters and sections that you want to look at again. The Kindle app allows customization of font size, background color and page format (portrait or landscape) for every reading experience.

iFixit: Repair Manual

iFixit includes thousands of guides with step-by-step instructions and photos, making it easy to repair a wide variety of items without assistance. Many photos include a zoom option to see all of the details of the high resolution images. The app includes repair manuals for Mac and PC laptops, tablet devices, cell phones, smart phones including iPhones, video game systems including Xbox and PlayStation, digital cameras, cars and motorcycles. iFixit has a parts store that consists of tools and parts for the included manuals. You can purchase these tools and parts right from the app.


Instead of having to use Urbanspoon on your computer, you can use it on the go with your iPod Touch. Browse restaurants in your current area with the GPS, browse a comprehensive restaurant list, make reservations, browse your friends' favorite restaurants and grow your Dineline by checking in any time you go out to eat. The Urbanspoon app features different restaurant filters, search and browse options, ratings and reviews. Additionally, after you've eaten at a few restaurants, you can compare your picks with those of your friends. Urbanspoon covers restaurants in both the United States and Canada as well as large urban areas of the UK and Australia.

Car Trouble

Whenever something goes wrong with your car, you can consult the Car Trouble app before you call AAA or your mechanic. In order to diagnose a particular car problem, Car Trouble asks a series of questions. It will help you understand smells, noises, fluid leaks and much more. Although Car Trouble is not a substitute for a mechanic, it can give you an understanding of the problem at hand, which will assist you with taking the appropriate next step.

I Like FREE Apps

Are you looking for even more free iPod Touch apps? Instead of spending lots of time searching for the best ones yourself, let the app do the work for you. The app includes both limited and must-have apps. I Like FREE Apps features a like/unlike option, smart sorting, daily updates, search function, in-app feedback system and retina display support. There are over 2,000 limited apps in a wide variety of categories. Version 2.6 offers optimized home page loading, category switcher for the Top Rank category and an improved list display that includes new limited free apps customized for your personal preferences.

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