Deleting iPod Touch Apps

The iPod touchR has become a favorite with millions of users, who enjoy the benefits of having a digital music player that can also be used for playing games, watching movies and more. Apps on the iPod touch are downloaded via the iTunes app store, where there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. It's hardly surprising, therefore, that so many people find that they have a lot of redundant apps on their device. Learn more about cleaning up and removing apps from your iPod touch.

Deleting through the iPod touch

Deleting an app from your iPod touch is very simple. Find the app on your screen and then press and hold it until the app image starts to wiggle. A cross sign will also appear on the top left-hand side of the app button. Press this and you will be presented with a dialog box asking whether you want to delete the app. Press Delete to confirm the process. The app will now be deleted from the screen. Note that any data associated with it will also be deleted (for example, your high score in a game).

Deleting through iTunes

If you regularly synchronize your iPod touch with your iTunes library, you will almost certainly find that apps reappear on your device. This is because a copy of the app is held in your iTunes library. When you synchronize, this copy is restored to your iPod touch.

If you want to permanently delete the app, go to iTunes and select the Apps option from your library. Find the app icon, highlight it with your cursor and hit the delete button. A warning message will once again appear. Confirm this and your app will be deleted.

You may alternatively want an app to stay in your iTunes library that you don't want to appear on your iPod touch. To enable this, you need to connect your iPod touch to your computer and open iTunes. Select the iPod touch from the devices menu on the left hand side of the screen and then click Apps at the top of the screen. A list of all your apps will be presented. You can then change the synchronization options so that only selected apps appear on your device. Untick the box next to the app(s) you want to remove and then sync the device. From now on, the app will not reappear unless you change this setting.

Apps that cannot be deleted

Some apps cannot be deleted. These are core apps that appear on all Apple devices. If you press and hold the app icon on the screen, it will still wiggle but the cross sign will not appear. The only thing you can do with these apps is move them off your front screen, if you do not wish to use them. Note also that if you have sorted your apps into folders, you must open the folder before you can delete the app. Press and hold the folder until it wiggles then open the folder. The apps inside will now all have the cross symbol, if they can be deleted.

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