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Free karaoke player downloads can have you crooning in minutes. Long found only in smoky bars and restaurants, karaoke players are now available as software that runs on your PC. Sing lead vocal on your favorite songs in your own home.

How Karaoke Player Software Works
Karaoke Player software works by translating various music files and displaying them on the screen. Typical file formats include:

  • .MID: An industry standard music format, MIDI files allow electronic devices to play music.
  • .KAR: An unofficial format that adds lyrics to MIDI files.
  • .MP3: A standard audio file with lyrics embedded.
  • .CDG: The original digital karaoke format, CD + G, takes standard audio CD and adds a lyrics track.

Karaoke player software is similar in appearance to mp3 player software with the addition of a display window to show you the lyrics. Most karaoke player software allows you to adjust the playback pitch and tempo. Display features are usually also adjustable.

Available Free Karaoke Player Downloads

  • Karafun ( is available as a free download, or as a licensed (for public use) version. Karafun is a very complete offering, providing all of the standard features of a karaoke player and a wide array of file support (including .MP3 and .KAR, a proprietary format). Where Karafun stands out, however, is that it includes a track editor that allows you to create your own karaoke tracks. Karafun also provides professionally assembled karaoke player tracks for around $4.00.
  • VanBasco's Karaoke Player ( is a free download. VanBasco's karaoke player supports .KAR and .MID files and allows you to adjust playback tempo and key. Although the site doesn't provide a library of songs, the files formats it supports are readily available on the web.
  • GoSing ( is available as a free download. A version that supports scoring (called microke) is available for a nominal price. Gosing supports .KAR, .MID and .MK1 files and has a downloadable library of hundreds of song files.
  • Karaoke Island ( is geared more toward providing songs for karaoke player software. Karaoke Island has .MID and .MP3 songs available for between $4.00 and $6.00 dollars. Although Karaoke Island provides some simple free karaoke player software, its full-featured offerings are not free.
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