How to Buy Karaoke CDs

You've plugged in your shiny new karaoke player and burned through the handful of songs that came with it. Now what? Whether you're looking for the latest top 40 track or and obscure oldie, karaoke CDs are a great way to expand your collection.

Know Your Formats!
Before you run out to buy that track you're dying to sing, make sure you understand the karaoke CD format your player supports. Players (sometimes from the same manufacturer) often support different karaoke CD formats. Here are some of the more popular:

  • CD+G. The most popular form of karaoke CD, CD+G follows the standard audio CD format, but adds a graphic track that displays the lyrics of each song. CD+G karaoke CDs can be played in a standard CD player.
  • DVD. Using the standard DVD format, these karaoke discs will play a song along with the lyrics and a (often animated) screen graphic.
  • SCDG. SuperCDG is a new form of karaoke CD that can hold hundreds of songs on a disk. SuperCDG disks can also be played on a Windows PCs with a DVD reader.
  • Neo+G. A new form of karaoke CD, Neo+G can hold hundreds of songs on a disk but can only be read by Neo+G karaoke players.

The Online Option
If you're having trouble finding karaoke CDs at you local music or electronics store, try the Internet. Several sites specialize in karaoke CDs and have a wide range of music available.

Also available on the Internet are sites that will create custom karaoke CDs based on your request. You can select from a library of thousands of songs and get all of your favorites combined into one disk.

Create Your Own
If you still can't find that old favorite as a karaoke CD, but have a CD or MP3 copy. Consider creating your own karaoke track. Several vendors sell software that allows you to rip, edit and burn your own CD+G tracks. This is a great option for those with large music libraries or with obscure tracks they'd like to karaoke.

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