Tips for Burning Karaoke Songs

If you're a budding karaoke enthusiast, burning karaoke songs can be essential to building your prowess on the microphone. If you love going to your local bar and whaling away or if you are interested in starting your own karaoke night, you'll have to get the right karaoke supplies to become pitch perfect.

Karaoke Supplies You Need
First, you'll need either an MP3 player or a bunch of blank CDs. You'll also need a computer with an Internet connection and the ability to burn CDs as well as DVDs. Lastly, you'll need a karaoke machine. Prices for karaoke machines vary from as little as $100 to about $1000. You'll want to choose one that can support both MP3 files and CDs. These usually fall in the middle of the price range. If you're looking to run your own karaoke nights at local bars, you'll probably want to invest a little more money than someone just looking to spice up parties.

Buy Karaoke Versions Of Songs
Once you have the physical aspects in place, it's time to look into the digital world. If you're going to do karaoke for fun or for money, you'll need to purchase karaoke versions of songs. Luckily, most music downloading sites, such as iTunes, offer these versions. If you don't have an MP3 player, you can burn the files onto a CD.

Choosing Karaoke Software
However, burning a karaoke CD is a little different from burning a regular CD since the CD needs to be able to support both the music and the lyrics files. This means you'll also need to download some software. Programs like Power Karaoke offer software that can burn, play and create customized karaoke tracks in CD + G format. What is CD + G format? It's a file format that can play the backing music track as well as provide graphics on screen. After you obtain software, you should be all set to create songs and take requests. "Free Bird," anyone?

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