Troubleshoot LCD TV Problems

Facing LCD TV problems? Sure, LCD televisions are a sleek improvement on the clunky glass tube TVs of yesterday. But, with any new technology comes new problems. Before you take the TV in for repairs, or, worse yet, throw it in the trash can, here's a list of simple repairs you can try:

Test Your Discs
Sometimes you will notice problems with the picture. When you are watching an LCD screen, occasionally you will see flashes of little silver boxes, or the picture looks distorted in some areas. In most scenarios, this isn't caused by a problem with your TV. This is usually caused by an HD program or a Blu-Ray disc that wasn't coded properly. In an effort to prevent piracy, most cable companies encode the signal to make it harder for hackers to steal. This encoding sometimes causes the picture to be disrupted. So, try playing different discs on the screen or looking at a regular broadcast to find out if the problem goes away with a new disc.

Check Your Cables
If there is no picture at all, find out if all the cables are plugged in properly. This is usually an indication that the video cable isn't plugged in all the way.

Adjust Your Sharpness Level
If you are seeing shadows trailing movement on the screen, this could indicate that the sharpness level is set too high. Go to the TV menu, set the sharpness to a lower level and test for results.

Make Sure You Are Using HDTV
If the picture clarity is unsatisfactory, it might be because you are watching television without high definition. LCD TVs are designed for high definition, and, if you are not utilizing HD TV, it actually displays a picture that isn't as clear.

When In Doubt, Reboot
For other problems with picture or sound, always try powering the TV down and turning it on again. If this doesn't fix the problem, contact the store where you purchased the TV, or get in touch with the manufacturer to see if your problem is common with the model. With expensive purchases like LCD TVs, it's always good to make use of a warranty program so you can exchange it if there are problems that can't be fixed.

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