Why Does My TV Keep Shutting Off

A TV that keeps turning itself off is frustrating. When you are watching a show or movie, you miss crucial scenes when it shuts off. Perhaps the television set turns off immediately after you switch it on or stays on for a few minutes or hours before shutting off. The problem is either the television set or the power line.

Power problems and the TV

An unstable power supply to the home, or other location that houses the TV, can cause the television set to turn off. Brief power outages can also cause the issue; each time the power turns off, so does the TV.

Surge protectors can manage the power issues when there are spikes, surges and sags in the voltage of the line. Voltage increases that last three billionths of a second or longer is a surge while any shorter increases are spikes. A surge protector evens out the electric current in the wire between the outlet and your TV to increase performance of the device. The accessory is available at many home supply stores and online. Currently, the television shuts itself off to protect itself from power damage. Bad capacitors in the power supply board also trigger the TV set to turn off; it shuts off to prevent itself from short-circuiting.

A circuit breaker problem in the home also causes a TV to keep shutting off. A mistake with electrical wiring can affect any device hooked up within a home to that circuit. If you suspect the issue is a power supply one, call a certified electrician to do the repair. Activities that involve electricity are dangerous, so if you do not have the specific training, it is wise to use a professional.

High-voltage generator issue

The problem may be the high-voltage generator in the television set. High voltages exist in the TV’s projection tube area. When wires are too close to one another, voltage can easily jump up within the generator area and prompt the TV to turn itself off. The high-voltage cage may have other damage as well.

Other television issues

Dust in the fan vents of the TV may also cause it to keep shutting off. It turns off power to damage from overheating. Use an air can or vacuum to clean out the vents of dust or other debris in them.

An alternative cause is that the television set is on a timer. It may be timed to turn off after a certain number of minutes or hours. The setting may be a default one or be accidentally set. To disable the setting, on the TV Menu select the Timer and then press Off.

If the TV needs internal repair and you are unsure how to fix the issue yourself, contact a repair professional. The expert can diagnose and repair the item without risk of further damage to the television set or harm to you. If the item is still within the warranty, the manufacturer may pay for the repair work.

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