How to Build Your Own Lightsaber

Knowing how to build your own lightsaber is invaluable if you're a Star Wars fanatic who longs to have a lightsaber of your very own. The opportunity to wield the Jedi Order's weapon of choice should not be squandered! Building your own lightsaber requires a certain amount of basic know-how, but building the weapon by yourself allows you to add any extra features you desire.

Parts You Will Need
While it may come from distant Star Wars galaxies, a lightsaber is nonetheless constructed out of parts that can be purchased from hardware stores here on Earth. To build a basic lightsaber, you will need a foot-long chrome tube, a PVC end cap, a thick foam weather strip, an LED light and some paint based on the color lightsaber you desire. The size of these items depends on the material your saber is constructed from, as does the width and length of any nuts and bolts required for attachment. Any hardware store worker with knowledge of what the store has in stock can assist you with sizing-and they've probably helped other aspiring Jedis before Halloween as well.

Safety Warnings
Since you will be using a saw and working with a drill, you should wear appropriate safety gear, such as goggles, and only adults should be allowed to work with these items. Although lightsabers are for play, making the lightsaber and handling the tools involved are serious business.

Cutting The Chrome Tube
The chrome tube is the most important part of your lightsaber. Using a saw, cut the tube to a length of approximately one foot. If you desire a longer or shorter saber, adjust the cutting location appropriately.

Attaching The Grip
Toward the bottom of the lightsaber, attach the thick foam weather strip. As this will serve as your grip, make it a length that feels comfortable for you. To seal the base of your saber grip, you need to cut the PVC end cap to a size that will fit around the base. Next, drill three holes into the cap, and insert machine screws into the hole to hold the cap in place.

Lighting Your Lightsaber
Lightsabers on Earth are lit with LED lights. Drill a hole in the chrome tube that is big enough to fit the LED switch. Insert the switch, and attach the battery pack's positive to the positive lead attached to the LED bar. Next, attach the battery pack's negative to the negative lead on the LED bar. Try turning the switch on and off. If these steps have been followed correctly, you should have in your hands a light saber that emits a Jedi glow.

Why Build Your Own Lightsaber?
Building your own lightsaber allows you to make any adjustments you desire for the perfect Jedi weapon, even if you can't use the weapon for slicing anything. You can build a black or gold lightsaber that is two feet long or ten feet long. Truly, the only limitations are those imposed by your imagination! If nothing else, building your own lightsaber is cheaper than buying one, and the process can transport you into a wonderful world of Star Wars fantasy.

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Find articles about build your own lightsaber, parts to a real lightsaber and how to build a functional lightsaber.

Find articles about build your own lightsaber, parts to a real lightsaber and how to build a functional lightsaber.

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