How Do I Put Songs on My MP3 Player

When you buy a shiny new gadget such as an MP3 player, the last thin you want to do is spend hours (or even ten minutes) poring over the instructions manual. Essentially the only thing you really want to know is, "How do I put songs on my MP3 player?" Getting music on MP3 players isn't difficult; here's what you need to know.

Just about all MP3 players operate in the same manner. Sure, you should probably scan your instructions or the manufacturer's website to make sure you don't do any permanent damage to your MP3 player, but when it comes down to it, you're most likely going to follow these steps:

Check for any included software. You may need to install this on your computer to allow you to transfer or convert files. Sometimes software includes important things like warranties (which you'll want to fill out so that your MP3 player is covered).

Now you'll connect your MP3 player up to your computer with a USB cord. This will most likely have been included with your MP3 player.

Your computer may automatically detect that you've hooked up an MP3 player. If it doesn't, find the "USB Connect" option on your MP3 player (this is a good time to break out that manual). Your computer should open up a folder which shows your MP3 player. For a device such as the iPod, your MP3 player will show up in iTunes.

You may already have music downloaded to your computer. If not, download a song or two (remembering where it's being downloaded to). You will most likely be able to drag songs, using your mouse, from where they are stored on your computer to the folder that was opened by your computer for your MP3 player.

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