How to Select the Right MP3 Player for You

MP3 players have become a popular medium for listening to music, and this can be attributed to their ability to fit even the biggest music collection onto a tiny portable device. Whether you're shopping for your first MP3 player or just looking to upgrade, you might have noticed the number of choices that are available. Wading through the choices to select the right MP3 player for you is as simple as keeping a few different factors in mind.


Among the most popular MP3 players are multimedia devices like the iPod Touch. This is more expensive than MP3 players that play music only, but the iPod Touch has a variety of features that might make it more appealing. Attractive interfaces and the ability to play video, download apps and play games are among its features. If you're only looking to listen to music, you might be better off paying less for a simpler, music-only player.

Storage space

When you're considering different MP3 players, you might notice that there is a vast difference in the amount of storage space available. Just remember that a gigabyte is equivalent to about 200 songs, and go from there. If you're just looking to put together a playlist for your morning jog, an MP3 player with one gigabyte or less of storage space might be just fine. If you're planning on transferring a large music collection or buying a multimedia MP3 player that allows you to download apps and videos, you might want 16 or even 32 gigabytes of space to work with.

Battery life

Battery life is a factor that can make or break your relationship with your MP3 player, especially if you are going to be using it for hours at a time. You'll find that devices with simpler layouts and without a lot of flashy graphics or multimedia features will tend to have a longer battery life. Consider your lifestyle and the frequency with which you will be around a charger to figure out the kind of battery life you need.

If you're still unsure which MP3 player is right for you, try asking for recommendations from family or friends. Also, check the Internet for a variety of review sites that will give you all the information you need to select the right MP3 player for you.

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