The Most Popular MP3 Players

The most popular MP3 players are everywhere lately. People are using them at the gym, during their commute and while walking down the street. Some of the most popular MP3 players are advertised everywhere, making them seemingly inescapable. In general, these MP3 players are popular for a reason; they're high-quality and have positive customer satisfaction.

Apple iPod Nano
Apple's iPod Nano is a favorite with people. It's small and portable and you don't have to worry about quality. It has something called the Genius function which makes 25-song playlists by genre. Another feature, which may be seen as either a positive or negative, is the "shake-to-shuffle." While this makes it easy to switch up your playlist, it can be annoying to have your songs constantly changing while you're running. The Nano (and any other iPod) is only compatible with iTunes, so you better be on board with that before shelling out the cash for this MP3 player.

Creative Zen
Slightly cheaper than the Nano, the Zen is of comparable quality. It isn't built to work with iTunes, so it's a good option for non-Mac users or those who don't like iTunes. The screen is slightly bigger than that of the Nano. One downside to the Zen is that if you want to play video on it, you first must convert it using the software they provide. It also has an FM tuner and the ability to record voices.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze
SanDisk's Sansa Fuze is also similar to the Nano and again, a little cheaper. People love the SanDisk Sansa Fuze because of its sound quality and long battery life. Like the Zen any video you want to watch will have to be converted before it will play on the Sansa Fuze.

Microsoft Zune
This digital music player is popular because of the amount of storage (120GB) it has. It also has a large (3.2") screen, which is great for watching videos. Another benefit of the Microsoft Zune is that it has WiFi capabilities, meaning you can transfer files with your MP3 player - that can certainly come in handy.

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